Tailored Supercar Deliveries


As part of unrivalled customer service we also offer a safe, secure and efficient vehicle transport system to make everything as easy and stress-free as possible. We are able to collect from any UK destination and each vehicle is fully insured.

Whether you're looking to move a Supercar to and from a film or TV studio, to an event or simply as part of a relocation, we work around our customers specific requirements.

All of vehicle moves are completed to the highest of standards at all time and we will often go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our service.

To make sure your pride and joy is transported discreetly and sheltered from the elements, We can provide enclosed car transport.


Whether it's a super car, a vintage car, a prestige car or a race car, enclosed car transportation is the only way.

Be selective, not cheap. Our recommendation when looking for a transport to haul your Supercar is to be selective for the best carriers, and don't try to be cheap.


You want to attract the best and most experienced haulers on the market. 

If you have further questions as it relates to hauling supercars, feel free to contact us. Many of the founding members are prior enclosed transporters with decades of experience.

Billy's Vehicle Transport understands precisely what it takes to transport some of the rarest and most valuable vehicles, both safely and securely. Our vehicles offer long ramps to ensure the lowest possible approach angles when loading and unloading; making us the perfect choice for transporting racing cars and even the latest generation of supercars and hypercars.


Our fleet of enclosed car transporters have carried everything from Formula 1 and Le Mans racing cars, to vehicles from manufacturers including Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Pagani.


We offer:

  • Hard sided and covered trailers

  • GPS tracked with regular updates, for maximum security

  • Access to our extensive fleet of car transporters, enabling us to support the largest events

  • Onsite event support

  • Ability to transport spare tyres (on request at booking)

  • Low approach angles, to ease loading for race specification vehicles and hypercars

  • UK and European delivery

Things to think of when selecting a type of carry your Vehicle.

Things to think of when selecting a type of carry your Vehicle.


  • Rock Chips - Although uncommon, rock chips are known to occure on open transport trucks.


  • Clearance of the vehicle - Low vehicles often require enclosed transporters who have the necessary equipment to load the vehicle. Race Ramps are a great thing to inquire about.

  • Value of the Car - It is recommended to use an enclosed service if the vehicle is of high value.

  • Enclosed trailers keep your Car completely encapsulated and offer the maximum amount of protection from all of the elements of the weather, while also offering additional protection from theft, criminal activity, or vandalism.

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