Do you need to have your car shipped outside of the United Kingdom? Or do you want to find a company that has the capability to handle international vehicle transport?

Of course, you would like to get the best enclosed car transport service that is why we are doing our best to give you what you deserve.

When it comes to the most responsible car delivery service in the UK and the rest of the European Union, there is one brand that you better consider and it is no other than the Billy's Vehicle Transport.


We assure you that we are the top company in this industry and our numerous satisfied customers is the best proof of this. 

Time Frame 

Have a job that needs to be completed with in a time frame whether it be 1-3 days or 7 days or even 14 days we can accommodate your needs. Let us us know when contacting us and we will do our best to work with you to make sure this is done.


Secure, enclosed, covered vehicle transport ensures

  • Vehicles remain in pristine condition from collection to delivery

  • Vehicles are protected from dirt, road salt, wind, trees, hedges & stone chips

  • Ultimate security, keeping vehicles safe from thieves, vandals & souvenir hunters

  • Containment of fragile vehicles & loose components – ideal for restoration projects

  • Transportation of unusual and unique cars and vehicles, low vehicles, multiple vehicles

  • Privacy & discretion for all vehicles during transportation

Our specialist services include:


  • Secure enclosed car transport

  • Ultra Low Emission Zone transportation (ULEZ London) compliant

  • international vehicle transport: Full International Operators License 

  • Fixed wide hydraulic loading ramps

  • Low loading angles race/sports car transport

  • Highly experienced in transporting heavy vintage cars – e.g. vintage Jaguars and Rolls-Royces to Bentleys

  • Recovery winches & equipment fitted

  • In-house transporter tracking

  • Fully insured for high value cars

  • Collection & delivery signed documentation

Not a Viable Option

Transporting vehicles throughout Europe can often be an expensive logistical nightmare which is why our approach makes the whole process a simple, hassle-free affair.

We set our prices as competitive as possible as we value our customers and repeat business, this ethos has allowed our business to grow a loyal and happy customer base.


Our European car transport service requires staff to have a minimum of 5 years experience, possess a clean license, have a full background check and able to work at the highest of levels with both private and commercial clients.


As to be expected, each of the transporters are maintained to the highest level. 

With each trip to or from Europe all transporters undergo a strict checklist before any vehicle is loaded and are fitted with the latest real-time gps tracking systems.

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